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New Mexico provides entertaining Events year 'round.

Back in early 1993, when we first started VIVA New Mexico!, this was just about the only place on the web that made any attempt to keep and publish a calendar of events in New Mexico. We kept everything on one page for a long time. A couple of years later we divided the "Events" into "months", so we went from one page to 12 pages.

There are now literally dozens of sites in New Mexico that publish calendars of events. Nearly every town of any size has its own web page, and lists regional and local events. So, rather than try to compete with all of this excellent work, and to avoid merely repeating it here, we have decided to try to provide you links to all of the "Calendars-of-events" that we know of throughout the state.

If you know of a calendar-of-events, or of an event that has its own website (Like the Santa Fe Opera or the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, Please SEND US the name of the sponsoring organization and the URL so we can include it in our list.

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