Abandoned building at Yeso


     Say you're driving on Highway 60 through the middle of the area of New Mexico your brother calls "El Grande Nada" - the Big Nothing - and you have a perfectly good tape player in your car but your brother wants to play some weird jazz fusion stuff but you really could use a good earful of Bach so as a compromise you play nothing, and there's 360 degrees of horizon surrounding you, and you're kind of tired and cranky, and then, suddenly, you see it...


  • COUNTY:  De Baca
  • LOCATION:  20 miles west of Fort Sumner on U.S. 60
  • POST OFFICE:  1909-present
  • NAME ORIGIN:  Named for nearby Yeso Creek (Yeso is Spanish for gypsum)
  • GNIS Info & Map

     Maybe Yeso is my all-time favorite place in New Mexico because, for a town, it has a terrific sense of timing.  There it is, right out in the middle of El Grande Nada. It comes up on you just when you need it most - right before you fall asleep at the wheel, or worse, kill your brother for drinking the last Coke.

     Almost everything's abandoned in Yeso, but there are a few buildings still in use. One of the most interesting is the post office, right off the highway.  You can't miss it.  It was closed when we went through, unfortunately, or I would have dropped in for a chat with the local mail carrier. And who knows, maybe I would have stayed...


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El Grande Nada

Sad reminders of traffic fatalities
line the roadside to Yeso.