The Alma cemetery sits atop a hillside


     Alma is Spanish for "soul," so it's fitting that the cemetery is a major feature of this southwestern New Mexico community. The well-kept grounds sit atop a hill overlooking the town, and the road up is marked with a beautiful hand-crafted sign.


      Each gravestone undoubtedly marks the resting place of a thousand and one stories. If the inscriptions on the stones themselves could be considered a table of contents, here are a few of the chapters:

W.P. Allred
B. 1841, D. 1916
No pains, no griefs, no anxious fear,
Can reach our loved one sleeping here.

Elsworth H. Tipton
B. 1926, D. 1932, 5 yrs. 7 mos. 22 days
Our little treasure
Budded on Earth
to Bloom in Heaven

Alice Evelyn Burns
B. 1935, D. 1990, Beloved Mom
Loving Memories of you
the laughter we shared
the talks and walks,
you always cared.

Phil S. Dunning
B. 1889, D. 1912
He was a bricklayer.