School and mountains at Lake Valley


     Take away all the world's computers, all the cellular phones, all the satellite dishes. Unplug all the soda machines, close all the drive-up windows, turn off all the lights. Take away everything that turns on, boots up or plugs in and the world might look a lot like Lake Valley. 


       Lake Valley's history is like that of many other mining towns. Silver ore was first discovered there in 1878 by George Lufkin, who sold the claim to George Daly. Daly was killed by Apaches on the day of the discovery of a large subterranean room and ore vein. It was named the Bridal Chamber, and became one of the richest veins of silver ever discovered. The Chamber was mined until the late 1890's.

      Unlike other mining towns, Lake Valley is now under the management of the Bureau of Land Management, and remains fairly intact. Weathered wooden buildings, a school (shown above), a garage and several houses still survive.


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The branches of a dead
Lake Valley tree reach out

The Lake Valley
Conoco has seen
its last customer.