The Nutt road sign stands before the Black Range Mountains

photo by Jason Ackleson

To cure the mind's wrong biass, spleen,
Some recommend the bowling green,
Some, hilly walks; all, exercise;
Fling but a stone, the giant dies.
Laugh and be well.

- The Spleen, Matthew Green

     Did you hear the one about the guy who went to the town of Nutt on a Saturday? He was disappointed because Nutting was open.

     Nutt's purpose: to make us smile.


       The trailer home that comprises most of the town is advertised as the "Nutt Shopping Mall." The bar next door is named, of course, the "Middle of Nowhere Bar." Take a picture of the NUTT road sign and you can almost imagine the town reaching up to make "rabbit ears" over the Black Range Mountains in the distance.

       Nutt is the Court Jester of New Mexico. It sits between the more "serious" destinations of Hatch and Deming, waiting for the next visitor with all the patience of a well-timed punchline. Anyone lucky enough to stop by gets a pat on the back, a wink-wink, nudge-nudge, and a reminder that laughter is as essential a body function as hunger or thirst. A hearty laugh, in fact, does us the same amount of good as ten minutes of rowing. Laugh and be well, indeed.

       Think about how good it feels to laugh, to enjoy things that are truly funny or exciting. Who among us can sit thorough "What's Opera, Doc?" and watch Bugs Bunny in drag without cracking a smile? What would life be like if Purcell hadn't trilled the second note of his "Trumpet Voluntary?" Isn't Thanksgiving dinner just a little less exciting without Uncle Harry?

       When the list of Man's Greatest Inventions is compiled, I hope "whoopee cushion" is number one. Until then, fortunately, we've got Nutt. And that's Nutting to scoff at.


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    The Nutt Shopping Mall
    offers ample parking.