A gas pump falls to ruin in Separ


      While everybody was looking somewhere else, along came Separ. It unpacked its bags, set itself down on I-10 between Deming and Lordsburg, and sits there with a knowing grin watching the cars drive by. You wanna pass Separ by? No problem. But remember the Coke you had back in Deming?  Well, it's still twenty miles to Lordsburg. Yeah, that's what I thought. Pull on in - you can park right here in front. Nice to see you.


  • COUNTY:  Grant
  • LOCATION:  20 miles east of Lordsburg on I-10
  • POST OFFICE:  1882-1960
  • NAME ORIGIN:  Possibly from the spanish term for tree stumps, cepas
  • GNIS Info & Map

     Separ is a pit-stop with an attitude. The south side is comprised of three fascinatingly-abandoned structures: a house, an old filling station, and a railroad car. Quite an assortment. The north side (about fifty feet away) has an operable filling station, a restaurant, and a trading post. It's an odd little place. Maybe that explains why "Separ" is only three letters away from "separate." Rumor has it that was the origin of the town's name. "Rumor, schmumor," Separ says. Then it winks.

    While you're pitstopping, why not look around at the curios for sale in the trading post? You know you want that howling coyote keychain. Come on - nobody's looking. Wait, don't go yet! Here's your chance to buy that "Hotrn Hell" salsa you've been itching to try. And the seeds to start your own indoor cactus garden. Over there is a rubber tarantula - you could put that in your desk drawer at work and scare people! Here's an entire section of pastoral scenes painted on rocks - how can you pass these by? You might as well get the compass/thermometer/tire inflater while you're at it. Go ahead. I won't tell anyone. What? Why, yes - of course we have pecan logs. How many would you be needing?

   Separ is a scary place. It is Svengali to the passing Trilby motorists. It's the highway version of the Venus Fly-Trap. Some can resist. Some cannot. Get too close and you're lunch. And when you're upchucked back onto the highway, you'll find yourself with an assortment of tourista stuff as odd as the combinations of building that make up Separ.

   It was so nice to see you. Have a pleasant journey. Be careful that you don't trip on your way out the door - I wouldn't want you to embarass yourself.


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The doors and windows
of Separ are mostly
empty now.

A yucca plant guards
an empty railroad