Trading Post Cafe, Taos


first building southeast of the intersection of NM-68 and NM 518


What makes the Trading Post special? The Cafe is the personal delight of Chef Rene Mettler, a Taos resident who retired from a prize-winning career as an internationl 5-star chef and opened an intimate little place where he and his partners are cooking before your eyes as you sit at the large kitchen bar, and they're having a wonderful time doing it. "Here, try a taste of this!" is often heard. Seating at the bar is congenial and often lively with conversation. The food is to die for, any of it; come prepared to be enchanted. The take-off point is Northern Italian (Mettler is Swiss) and they put quite a spin on it by the time it gets to Taos. You won't be disappointed.

Claude Hayward
Tecolotito, New Mexico

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